Episode 27: When in Rome

Ben interviews Allan about his experience growing up in the Roman Catholic church and how ultimately he came to be a Reformed protestant.

Other topics include: Ben wrecks the unity (again), The Official James White letter-writing campaign

Episode 26: Confessionalism or Biblicism?

Allan and Ben talk to Pastor Todd Pruitt of Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA), the most distinguished co-host of the Mortification of Spin podcast about his journey transition er… Well, we talked about how he went from a Southern Baptist to a Presbyterian. Specifically, how confessionalism and biblicism played a role in Todd’s …authentic faith experience?

Other topics include: Making fun of Baptists. ESS/EFS debate.

Episode 25: The Federal Vision

Dr. R. Scott Clark joins Allan and Ben on the program to talk about the Federal Vision, and Cornhuskers football.

Other topics include: New intro (we’re still searching for music to go with it)

Episode 23: So Much Drama in the IFB

In this episode, Allan interviews Ben about the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement in which he grew up.

What do they believe? What’s it like being IFB? What problems exist in the IFB? Is the IFB a cult?

Other topics include: Emails about baptism, Ben’s squeaky chair.

Episode 22: The Regular Reformed Pubcast?

Les Lanphere of the Reformed Pubcast joins Allan and Ben to talk about his exciting new Calvinist documentary, as well as Reformed unity, and a variety of topics.

Check out the Kickstarter for the documentary here, and, if you’d like, consider throwing him some pocket change!

Episode 21: Calvinist Batman and the Toms

Dr. Tom Ascol, Dr. Tom Nettles and Calvinist Batman join Allan to talk about church splits, and the future of Christian seminaries.

Other topics include: Was John Gill a hyper-calvinist?

Extra special thank you to Calvinist Batman for co-hosting and helping with tech!

Episode 20: Celebrity Pastors

Allan and Ben interview Dr. Carl Trueman, Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (OPC) and professor at Westminster Theological Seminary about the danger celebrity pastors pose to Christian unity and the health of the church.



Other topics include: Allan reports on ReformCon.

Episode 19: Disunity and the Church

Allan interviews Peter Phillips about what to do when unity breaks down in a church.


Other topics include: Ben is on vacation, Paedobaptism is biblical doctrine. Ben writes these descriptions.