Episode 6: Christianity and Military Service

Allan and Ben interview Daniel about being a Christian and serving in the military.

Check out Daniel’s podcast at http://www.cruxofthecross.org

Other topics include: Allan’s appearance on Hope for the Journey podcast, answering emails about Baptism.

One thought on “Episode 6: Christianity and Military Service”

  1. Good job guys. I have been in the military for more than 10 years. I have lived in seven different places, not counting several deployments or other shorter trips (short means only a couple months).

    There is no better advice for military guys: put forth the effort to find a solid church. They are out there. Regardless if you are moving every few years, or in a place for a month or two – do the research before you go and find a good church. Chaplains do not replace elders and pastors. Chapels do not replace a church. Also – be generous to the church you do find.

    If you are married, if you have kids, it should be your first priority to find a good church for your family. In my job, “wartime” or not, we deploy on a regular basis. We have never lived near “real” family so we are almost completely dependant on our Christian family – and this is actually a blessing for us, a blessing we would never know if we did not make that effort to find a solid church and integrate as best we can.

    Regarding pride: It is hard; it is a great temptation to be insular, to invest in our ability to be independent and not ask for help from anyone. We often are tempted to not get to know people too well, because we know we will not be here for long. Looking forward, we want to avoid the extra hardships that come with having established real and deep relationships. But from my recent experience, my more recent convictions, there is nothing more important for a military service member or family than to find a good solid local church.
    Amen brothers, thank you for this show.

    There are many other facets of military life and service that deserve a good “Reformed Treatment”: Understanding jus ad bellum, jus in bello, understanding how the government has been given the sword and the implications of that, understanding when it is wise and right to deceive and be deceptive. Even some other topics that would apply to a larger audience, such as dealing with or participating in the various para-church organizations that have sprung up around the military.

    I’ll continue to keep your podcast in my regular list of downloads, God bless!~

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