Episode 12: Local Church Unity

Allan and Ben discuss, with @LutherDaily and @XpCoulson, how to be a good church member in a church that you may not see eye to eye on all doctrinal points.


Other topics include: Vacations, The Anon Church.

Episode 11: All About the Anglicans

Allan and Ben interview David Ould Anglican minister in Macquarie Fields, Sydney about Anglicanism… You can find his website at: 


Are Anglicans basically Roman Catholic?

What do they believe?

Where did they come from?

Can Anglicans be Reformed?


Episode 10: A Slick Podcast

Allan and Ben interview Matt Slick about his apologetics ministry: CARM (https://carm.org/)


Other topics include: Light dimmers, How to wear pants, Hipster Calvinists, The Happy Bearded Calvinist.