Episode 16: Every Tongue, Tribe, People, and Nation

Allan and Ben invite Kerry Gilliard of http://www.blackcalvinist.com/ on the show to discuss issues of race and the church.



Other topics include : The Godfather Pt. II, Emails

Episode 15: Eschatology & Emails

Allan and Ben talk a little bit about the book of Revelation, Covenant Theology and then answer some e-mails.



Other topics include: Twitter polls. Twins!

Episode 14: Unity & The Roman Catholic Church

Allan and Ben discuss with TurretinFan why we don’t and can’t have unity with the Roman Catholic church.


Other topics include: The Mockcast, Lots of book suggestions, Post-credits scene?

Episode 13: The Regular Reformed Mockcast!

The hosts of The Divided Line, The Presbyterian Pubcast, Polemicist and Pencil, & Calvinist Batman all come on the show and do segments for us!