Episode 21: Calvinist Batman and the Toms

Dr. Tom Ascol, Dr. Tom Nettles and Calvinist Batman join Allan to talk about church splits, and the future of Christian seminaries.

Other topics include: Was John Gill a hyper-calvinist?

Extra special thank you to Calvinist Batman for co-hosting and helping with tech!

2 thoughts on “Episode 21: Calvinist Batman and the Toms”

  1. Great Podcast. This discussion was very useful. In Matthew’s gospel there is the parable of the wheat and the tares and the point of that parable seems to be that the church will always be a mixed group of those who truly believe and those who do not. We will only intimately know who is who at the end of the age. In the meantime, we can only do what we can with what we have. I think I agree that theological education will come under the purview of the churches. It will have to. That is a somewhat scarcely notion for someone who works at a Christian institution of higher learning, but it’s the way things are going these days.

  2. 1) The title led me to believe Calvinist Batman was guest-hosting a discussion of shoes.

    2) Dr. Ascol made a very good point when couching the discussion of baptism in terms of church membership. This is not only the ground on which a credobaptist like myself would like to see the discussion played out, but also where most paedobaptists like to take the discussion (equating covenant membership with church membership).

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