Episode 22: The Regular Reformed Pubcast?

Les Lanphere of the Reformed Pubcast joins Allan and Ben to talk about his exciting new Calvinist documentary, as well as Reformed unity, and a variety of topics.

Check out the Kickstarter for the documentary here, and, if you’d like, consider throwing him some pocket change!

2 thoughts on “Episode 22: The Regular Reformed Pubcast?”

  1. Good question on being “reformed” or “Reformed.” Labels are more fun and more useful after the fact.

    If considering what to believe, I’d recommend to try to adopt a Biblical theology to the best of one’s ability and knowledge, and afterwards look at it as a unit and see what category of belief it falls under.

    If already settled in belief, then discussing reformed vs. Reformed is fine.

    I’d call myself reformed (little r). Surprisingly perhaps, I’m less sure of the Reformed label for myself due to the covenantal requirement. I am Calvinistic and confessional (with scruples).

    1. Shouldn’t have commented before the episode ended.

      I find that the RP doesn’t hold water as an argument. However, it is attractive to me for a pragmatic reason: it would prevent all the sorts of buffoonery and error that not all non-RP churches fall into, but some do. If we held the RP that would be impossible.

      But I don’t think Scripture gives us such simple lines to draw. God has a habit of giving us principles apply, and not nice, clear safeguards far from the line of discernment.

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