Episode 23: So Much Drama in the IFB

In this episode, Allan interviews Ben about the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement in which he grew up.

What do they believe? What’s it like being IFB? What problems exist in the IFB? Is the IFB a cult?

Other topics include: Emails about baptism, Ben’s squeaky chair.

2 thoughts on “Episode 23: So Much Drama in the IFB”

  1. “Do they preach the gospel?” is an insufficient question.

    Galatians would seem to require this question instead: “Do they preach the gospel and no more?”

    Paul’s acceptance of others’ preaching the gospel in Philippians deals with *motivation* rather than *content*. I believe his assumption there (leading him to say, “whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice”) is that the content of their message has added nothing to the gospel, only their motivation is selfish.

    In other words, Paul would not rejoice in anyone’s preaching “Gospel+”

    1. When I spoke of preaching the gospel, this is what I meant, salvation by grace through faith alone.

      If you’re adding works, you’re not really preaching the gospel.


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