Episode 26: Confessionalism or Biblicism?

Allan and Ben talk to Pastor Todd Pruitt of Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA), the most distinguished co-host of the Mortification of Spin podcast about his journey transition er… Well, we talked about how he went from a Southern Baptist to a Presbyterian. Specifically, how confessionalism and biblicism played a role in Todd’s …authentic faith experience?

Other topics include: Making fun of Baptists. ESS/EFS debate.

One thought on “Episode 26: Confessionalism or Biblicism?”

  1. Amen to what Pruitt said at 44:18, and I quote:

    You do not have to derive your complementarian theology from the inner trinitarian mysterious relationships between the Persons. All you need to have is Genesis 2 and Ephesians 5 and a couple of other texts to fully justify what we believe about the roles of husbands and wives and men and women within the church.

    So the analogy for how a husband should love his wife is not some supposed difference of authority between the Father and the Son. Paul gives us the analogy in Ephesians 5: “Love you wife as Christ loved the church.” Not “lead your wife as the Father leads the Son”—you’re not doing it right if you’re doing it that way!

    But Grudem has written, in years past, for CBMW, that if our complementarianism is not derived from the submission of the Son to the Father within the eternal Godhead, then it all falls apart.
    And I just don’t understand why he thinks that.

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