One thought on “Episode 31: Santa Baby”

  1. Regarding worshiping on Sunday, there is a mitigating consideration. Christians in Muslim countries must often worship on Friday, when their Muslim bosses go to the mosque. I know of situations in some of these countries where a certain small space is alotted for Christians to worship and multiple congregations have to share it, so there was no way that worship could happen for all the churches at the same time. In these places worship happens nearly every day at many times during the day just to accommodate each church.

    Regarding Christmas, what do you make of the argument that since it is culturally ubiquitous we should use it for the purposes of proclaiming Christ? I personally say we should take every opportunity to speak the Gospel into the culture, inside and outside the church. As for the worship of the church body, we don’t want to offer up strange fire, but I think it’s appropriate to address the cultural seasonal influences instructively in our corporate worship so that we can redirect them toward God. Advent, by the way, is theologically rich. You have the incarnation and the Gospel, eschatology, the Great Commission and ecclesiology, and aspects of covenant and kingdom theology all tied up in it. It’s worth using the season to reiterate church teaching on these things.

    By the way, I can do some audio editing – noise reduction, equalization, compression, effects and volume automation. I don’t have unlimited time, but I’d be willing to take a look at those episodes you have poor quality recordings on and see if I can do something with them.

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