One thought on “Episode 40: True Iglesia”

  1. This is a great overview by Conley and Nic about the Iglesia Ni Cristo. I am a former member of this cult and with God’s grace I am now saved. The Iglesia Ni Cristo seriously lobotomizes its members by telling them not to question their leaders. We were always told to refer anyone who challenges us on issues of doctrine to refer them to our resident minister or evangelical worker. We were “discouraged” from reading the Bible and conducting independent bible studies on our own or with a group of brethren.

    The founder of this group a 5’4″ Filipino, Felix Manalo in 1913, locked himself in a room for three days and nights without sleep, food or water them emerged from this claiming he was God’s messenger in these last days. I think anyone who could survive an ordeal like that would claim something similar. I’d probably claim that was convinced I was living on the surface of the moon.

    Many members don’t realize that this cult is built on a incredible story of “mental illness” due to sleep deprivation, hunger and thirst because he locked himself in a room alone for three days and three nights!

    It’s a very dangerous cult far worse than the JW’s, Mormons or the Moonies. They employ tactics similar to the Scientologists when a person who is critical of the INC speaks out. They have a gang like mentality and will use intimidation to scare you.

    I pray that God save these innocent unsuspecting people inside the church who have literally handed their brains over to it’s administration.

    Here’s a video that is just insane to watch:

    Yes!!!! They are dangerous!!!

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