Episode 43: The Episode that Ended it All

Allan and Ben wrap up the current iteration of the Regular Reformed Guys podcast by talking about why it began, and why they feel it is the right time to end it in its current form.

Other topics include: You’d better just listen. Make sure you stay for the bloopers.

One thought on “Episode 43: The Episode that Ended it All”

  1. I’m a reformed SBC-er here, so I’m not applying.

    Best of wishes to Ben as he pursues his seminary education. I’m in seminary part time myself.

    Allan, it would be a good idea to morph the purpose of the show into something similar, perhaps a preventative formula. There are different models of unity you could use. One could be to start with Dr. Mohler’s Theological triage and to go through doctrines an where they fit in the three tiers. For example confessional Presbyterians and Reformed Baptists would put Reformed theology on tier two while reformed SBC-ers like us would place it in tier three. Observing the fallout of the theonomy issue, there are people who apparently place it in tier one. So it would be good to have a podcast addressing these kinds of things that can place or remove theological barriers to Christian unity so that when the theonomy type issues come up, there are categorical systems in place for handling discussion maturely.

    Just a thought.

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