2 thoughts on “Episode 45: Contestant Number First”

  1. An interesting observation on culottes:

    Back in my youth when I “courted” an IFB girl, I learned about culottes because she wore them. She simply told me that they were for horse-riding.

    What I found out later:

    Modern culottes were originally worn by men, but were repurposed in the Victorian period so that women could ride horses astride instead of side-saddle. It was actually a pretty racy thing in that day. Odd that it would be adopted for use by IFB women pursuing some form of modesty to wear men’s clothing as old-fashioned feminists did.

  2. We would have girls show up to summer camp and want to do the low ropes course. We told the it would be immodest for them to do so in culottes and they were dumbfounded that they could in any way be immodest in culottes.

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