Episode 53: 6 Days or Bust

Allan and Tony had the guys from The Glory-Cloud podcast on (I.e. the not so secret society of Meredith Kline-ian fanboys) to talk about Genesis 1. Is it literal? is it frame work? Is it something else all together? All we know is that Ken Ham is going to roll over in his grave.*

*It is known that Ken Ham is not dead at this present time


One thought on “Episode 53: 6 Days or Bust”

  1. The way the framework theory was presented, it seems to be an answer to a non-problem. However, the examples given when this theory helped people come to the faith, appear to be instances where people were not willing to submit to the supremacy of God (“I don’t want to give up on science or thinking”). If the purpose of the theory is to undermine God’s almighty power to speak creation into existence, then it has no place in reformed theology. If the purpose is to better understand creation divided amongst three realms, then it is nothing more than an exercise to better dissect the creation act. However, it appears that most who hold to this theory, use it to justify beliefs in men’s hypotheses instead of accepting the literal written Word solution presented. If it is not meant to undermine God’s limitless power, they would use framework theory to support instantaneous creation of all things that would last less than 1 second instead of six 24 hour days. All Christians should be in awe of God that He gave such an amount of time creating all the physical realm as we know it, while He could have accomplished this work instantaneously. If the ultimate purpose of this theory is to place limitations on the Almighty God, it should be rejected as heresy. We most conform ourselves to the Almighty, as He is unchanging and will not be moved by this world’s wisdom.

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