Episode 58: The Doctrine of God with J.V. Fesko

Allan and Drew do a quick release episode following their first where they interview J.V. Fesko (@jvfesko) from Westminster west on the doctrine of God.

If you secretly want to skip because that sounds boring…repent, press play, and get learn’t.

Episode 57: “The Co-Host Formally Known As…” and Drew

It’s back! After a brief hiatus the next contestant steps up to the plate, only to be railroaded out by a surprise appearance of “the co-host formally known as Ben” (he is passively expressing regret over leaving). 

The new temporary co-host is an interesting individual, great follow on twitter, and apparently the only true Presbyterian by birth…until you find out it was the PCUSA. ‘Nough said.

Meet Drew:

@acmills237  !