Episode 57: “The Co-Host Formally Known As…” and Drew

It’s back! After a brief hiatus the next contestant steps up to the plate, only to be railroaded out by a surprise appearance of “the co-host formally known as Ben” (he is passively expressing regret over leaving). 

The new temporary co-host is an interesting individual, great follow on twitter, and apparently the only true Presbyterian by birth…until you find out it was the PCUSA. ‘Nough said.

Meet Drew:

@acmills237  !

2 thoughts on “Episode 57: “The Co-Host Formally Known As…” and Drew”

  1. I can relate to Drew. My mom’s uncle took her to a PCUSA church in northeast Texas when she was growing up and she continued in the denomination when I was born. I too was baptized in one of them and then when we moved to southern New Mexico she moved us to an RPC after the PCUSA embraced unitarians. Hang in there, Drew!!!

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