Episode 63: Interview with R.C. Sproul Jr. about “Growing Up with R.C.”

As the Regular Reformed Guys podcast makes its apparent transition into a book review podcast, we bring you yet…another book review! This is a great interview though about a fascinating book as Allan sits down with R.C. Sproul Jr. to discuss his book “Growing Up (With) R.C.: Truths I Learned About Grace, Redemption, and the Holiness of God”.

Episode 62: Ben’s Pocketbook

Benjamin Woodring and Drew Mills are back again for another action-packed…book ad!!!!!!! This 39-minute infommercial offers you a fantastic resource, at a fantastic price, for a fantastic cause. Call now and get yours today!


*(In that really sped up voice) There are no actual callers standing by. Please do not call. Just go to Amazon. The author is not responsible for any Reformed cage stage activities or irresponsible usage of this product, like making paper airplanes of the WCF to throw at your Baptist brethren.