Episode 64: Resolution 9 from the SBC

Tom Ascol, Chris Bolt, and Neil Shenvi, join Allan to discuss the particularly controversial Resolution 9 from the 2019 Southern Baptist Convention on Critical Race Theory and intersectionality.

Are CRT and intersectionality elements of an underlying unchristian worldview? or are they merely analytical tools which can be adopted by Christians?

What does this resolution mean for the SBC?

You can Find Tom, Chris, and Neil online and on social media or in their published works:
@tomascol – Founders Ministries
@clboltThe World in His Hands
@NeilShenvi – Shenvi Apologetics

One thought on “Episode 64: Resolution 9 from the SBC”

  1. This was a fascinating discussion, especially since it featured a real diversity of views and the engagement of ideas and not just an echo chamber. One thing that was not discussed was whether intersectionality has a limiting principle. One speaker commented that churches engage in a type of intersectionality when they set up ministries such as unwed mothers (in addition to a women’s ministry, a mother’s ministry, and a singles ministry). When does this end? Where does the ideology set limits? Should churches then break down further into white, unwed mothers versus black unwed mothers? Someone could very easily argue that that black, unwed mothers have special needs that other ministries cannot meet. Their experiences are not the same. Why not left handed, black, unwed mothers vs left-handed, black unwed mothers, and then right-handed, Mexican, unwed mothers? It seems the disintegration could continue ad-infinitum. Someone may say that’s silly and false, but intersectionality wouldn’t agree. Who is this person to say what is silly? Where is an objective principle that limits the disintegration? There doesn’t seem to be one.

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