Episode 43: The Episode that Ended it All

Allan and Ben wrap up the current iteration of the Regular Reformed Guys podcast by talking about why it began, and why they feel it is the right time to end it in its current form.

Other topics include: You’d better just listen. Make sure you stay for the bloopers.

Episode 42: Discipline in the Church

Allan and Ben talk about discipline in the church, what their experiences have been, and why it’s important

Listen after the end credits for some post show banter.

Episode 41: True Iglesia 2: INC Debate Review

Nic and Conley of http://www.trueiglesia.org/ rejoin Ben and Allan to talk all about the Iglesia ni Cristo debate that took place this past week in South Dakota.

Episode 39: QIRC/QIRE with R. Scott Clark

Dr. Clark of Westminster Seminary California joins the guys to talk about QIRC/QIRE and recovering the reformed confession.

Other topics include: Shaming Ben for being cheap.

Episode 37: Getting the Garden Right

Pastor Richard Barcellos joins the Regular Reformed Guys to talk about his upcoming, as yet unnamed book about the Covenant of Works, the Garden of Eden and a number of other questions in relation to the New Covenant Theology.

This is one of those meaty episodes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Episode 36: Gospel-Industrial Complex

Allan and Ben are joined by Chortles Weakly and wresbyterian to talk about the gospel-industrial complex, church government, worship, and a number of other things.

Other topics don’t include: unity

Episode 30… something: Head Colds and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Allan and Ben turn on the recording device, sit back and talk about a number of different topics.

This episode is a trainwreck, abandon all hope ye who enter here.

Thanks again to Andy for doing a fantastic job editing the episode!