Episode 62: Ben’s Pocketbook

Benjamin Woodring and Drew Mills are back again for another action-packed…book ad!!!!!!! This 39-minute infommercial offers you a fantastic resource, at a fantastic price, for a fantastic cause. Call now and get yours today!


*(In that really sped up voice) There are no actual callers standing by. Please do not call. Just go to Amazon. The author is not responsible for any Reformed cage stage activities or irresponsible usage of this product, like making paper airplanes of the WCF to throw at your Baptist brethren.

Episode 61: Let the Good Times Roll !

Allan’s ex has come back for a special guest appearance alongside Drew for a fun-filled time of talking about everything…which is also to say- nothing. Sit back, relax, feel bad for what Andy had to go through, and let the good times roll!

Episode 60: Why St. Paul used the KJV

It’s a Baptists exclusive party as Nathan (@1689Wolverine) joins Allan in discussing the movement and position known as King James Onlysim.

Even if you didn’t grow up with the KJV, still give a listen as they cover the background of our Bibles and also a lot of interesting difference between translations! Here are some teasers:

-Is the account of the woman caught in adultery originally in John?

-Mark has 4 different endings!?

-The best proof for the Trinity…that might not actually be there.

Episode 59: A Special Interview with Les Lanphere

You’ll want to read all the show notes: Worlds collide as the Regular Reformed Guys (actually, just guy) team up with the Theology Brewers to interview Les Lanphere (you all know who he is) about his upcoming movie “Spirit and Truth”.

And….It’s on video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CXVd4oEFvQ

Also check out the websites!


Episode 58: The Doctrine of God with J.V. Fesko

Allan and Drew do a quick release episode following their first where they interview J.V. Fesko (@jvfesko) from Westminster west on the doctrine of God.

If you secretly want to skip because that sounds boring…repent, press play, and get learn’t.

Episode 57: “The Co-Host Formally Known As…” and Drew

It’s back! After a brief hiatus the next contestant steps up to the plate, only to be railroaded out by a surprise appearance of “the co-host formally known as Ben” (he is passively expressing regret over leaving). 

The new temporary co-host is an interesting individual, great follow on twitter, and apparently the only true Presbyterian by birth…until you find out it was the PCUSA. ‘Nough said.

Meet Drew:

@acmills237  !

Episode 56: Turn or Burn, Cry or Fry

Tyler Vela from The Freed Thinker Podcast joins the Regular Reformed guys to defended Calvin for burning Servetus at the stake-because we all know he done did the deed. Listen in for a bit of controversial history. The stakes are high! Ha ha..get it? No? Too soon?

You can follow Tyler and his podcast here: @FreedPodcast


Episode 55: The Heidelberg Catechism with R. Scott Clark

Football, (of the non-sabbath breaking variety), Lutherans, Calvinist, history, and stories: Allan and Tony bring on R. Scott Clark to talk about the Heidelberg Catechism. So if you are ready for some cow bell, bring it in and have a listen!




The Heidelblog 

Book Recommendation: On Being Reformed: Debates over a Theological Identity 

Episode 54: Suffering and Sovereignty

The Regular Reformed Guys show some unity amongst the sexes with Coleen from the Theology Gals podcast while discussing the topic of divine suffering and God’s sovereignty.


Check out the Theology Gals podcast here:


Episode 53: 6 Days or Bust

Allan and Tony had the guys from The Glory-Cloud podcast on (I.e. the not so secret society of Meredith Kline-ian fanboys) to talk about Genesis 1. Is it literal? is it frame work? Is it something else all together? All we know is that Ken Ham is going to roll over in his grave.*

*It is known that Ken Ham is not dead at this present time