Episode 21: Calvinist Batman and the Toms

Dr. Tom Ascol, Dr. Tom Nettles and Calvinist Batman join Allan to talk about church splits, and the future of Christian seminaries.

Other topics include: Was John Gill a hyper-calvinist?

Extra special thank you to Calvinist Batman for co-hosting and helping with tech!

Episode 20: Celebrity Pastors

Allan and Ben interview Dr. Carl Trueman, Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (OPC) and professor at Westminster Theological Seminary about the danger celebrity pastors pose to Christian unity and the health of the church.



Other topics include: Allan reports on ReformCon.

Episode 19: Disunity and the Church

Allan interviews Peter Phillips about what to do when unity breaks down in a church.


Other topics include: Ben is on vacation, Paedobaptism is biblical doctrine. Ben writes these descriptions.

Episode 16: Every Tongue, Tribe, People, and Nation

Allan and Ben invite Kerry Gilliard of http://www.blackcalvinist.com/ on the show to discuss issues of race and the church.



Other topics include : The Godfather Pt. II, Emails

Episode 15: Eschatology & Emails

Allan and Ben talk a little bit about the book of Revelation, Covenant Theology and then answer some e-mails.



Other topics include: Twitter polls. Twins!

Episode 14: Unity & The Roman Catholic Church

Allan and Ben discuss with TurretinFan why we don’t and can’t have unity with the Roman Catholic church.


Other topics include: The Mockcast, Lots of book suggestions, Post-credits scene?